HISC music is played by digital format and the club provides a music playback system called Rinkmusic.

All Members and Coaches wishing to run music will need to purchase a music tag.

The cost to purchase your tag will be a 1 off payment of $20 – payable to HISC.  This is discounted for your first card by HISC.

Tags can be replaced at a cost if lost, payable to HISC at $25 each.

When this is paid and verified, you will be notified to pick up your tag.  You will be able to arrange to pick it up from the club Treasurer Lynne Kentish.

Once you have your tag, you will be able to register your tag through Rinkmusic Inc Please see the following instructions:-

How to registar your tag

There is an annual registration fee (in $US) and is NOT paid to the club.  There are a variety of memberships, a Silver membership allows you to have up to 5 pieces of music for $10 US.  This is recommended for skaters.

Coaches will also be required to purchase a Coaches Tag on which they can load all of their skaters music to be used only in that skaters lesson.

We ask that all figure skaters and/or coaches upload their music accordingly to be able to play during a figure session.

All music should be in MP3 format at a preferable bitrate of 192.  Music files can be converted either through iTunes or Windows Media Player or other music editing software.

For further information for playing of program music in a figure session:-

Music Playing in HISC Figure Skating Sessions

If you have issues playing your music on the system, can you please log them on the below JOT form:-

HISC Rink Music Feedback Form

The Laptop music system has been phased out however it can be utilised as a backup music storage system.  To upload your music as a backup only to the laptop please email a copy of your music file to Tricia Burns and she will put it in a back up folder.

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