HISC music is played by digital format and the club provides a music playback system called Rinkmusic.

All Members and Coaches wishing to run music will need to purchase a music tag.

The cost to purchase your tag will be a 1 off payment of $20 – payable to HISC.  This is discounted for your first card by HISC.

Tags can be replaced at a cost if lost, payable to HISC at $25 each.

When this is paid and verified, you will be notified to pick up your tag.  You will be able to pick it up from an Executive Committee Member – Siobhan Purins, Sam Page, Nicholas McCarthy or Lynne Kentish during a figure session.

Once you have your tag, you will be able to register your tag through Rinkmusic Inc Please see the following instructions:-

How to registar your tag

There is an annual registration fee (in $US) and is NOT paid to the club.  There are a variety of memberships, a Silver membership allows you to have up to 5 pieces of music for $10 US.  This is recommended for skaters.

Coaches will also be required to purchase a Coaches Tag on which they can load all of their skaters music to be used only in that skaters lesson.

We ask that all figure skaters and/or coaches upload their music accordingly to be able to play during a figure session.

All music should be in MP3 format at a preferable bitrate of 192.  Music files can be converted either through iTunes or Windows Media Player or other music editing software.

For further information for playing of program music in a figure session:-

Music Playing in HISC Figure Skating Sessions

If you have issues playing your music on the system, can you please log them on the below JOT form:-

HISC Rink Music Feedback Form

The Laptop music system has been phased out however it can be utilised as a backup music storage system.  To upload your music as a backup only to the laptop please email a copy of your music file to Tricia Burns and she will put it in a back up folder.

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